MY colleague and I were warned to brace ourselves before tackling the famous YorkyPud™ Christmas Wrap and the new wrap on the street The YorkyPig Festive Wrap.

We did not leave disappointed…or hungry.

Situated in Bridge Street, the York Roast Co is a favourite lunchtime pitstop for shoppers, city workers, and devotees of the Yorkshire pudding. But it is at Christmas that this recently overhauled shop really comes into its own.

It's the time of year when everything becomes Christmas dinner flavoured, from the pre-packed sandwich to the savoury potato snack. But the York Roast Co really broke new ground when they combined the traditional festive feast of turkey, gravy, roast potatoes and veg and wrapped it in a giant Yorkshire pud. And in doing so the humble Yorkshire was elevated to something special.

It's a fantastic and hunger destroying beast of a wrap, with a blend of flavours that are comfortably familiar.

It would be my first choice as a recommendation for someone whose appetite and love of Christmas swell at this time of year.

That was until I tasted the YorkyPig Festive Wrap.

This bad boy is for the diner who knows what they like. It unashamedly celebrates the best part of Christmas dinner - the pigs in blankets.

Served with traditional Christmas vegetables, stuffing, mulled cranberry red cabbage, cranberry sauce and thick gravy, all wrapped up in a crispy, giant Yorkshire pudding, this 8-inch whopper does not disappoint.

With the wraps accompanied by sides of roast potatoes, gravy and pork scratchings, my colleague and I were as stuffed as the proverbial Christmas turkeys on exiting the York Roast Co.