Tea. Food. And dogs. The three things which makes the Pet Cemetery and Tea Rooms, in Holywell, heaven on earth for me.

You wont believe it until you go there - and I highly recommend you go out of your way to do so - but this wonderfully bizzare establishment serves as a cafe, a restaurant, and a place to bury your pooch when they go to the big kennel in the sky.

Set in a picturesque cove off Brynford Hill, the Tea Rooms at the Pet Cemetery is a little quaint cafe which actually boasts a lovely view of the well-kept grounds, long drive, and of course, all the animal gravestones of which some are rather impressive.

I have been coming here for years for the occassional cooked breakfast or afternoon tea for two (a must, trust me) but this time was a strange one.

My mum and I decided to embark on a long Sunday run around Brynford, Gorsedd and Babell, and after nine undulating miles dodging horse muck and chillblains we decided the Pet Cemetery (also known as "the pet cem" amongst my family members) was the perfect place to warm our hands.

We must of looked dead to the world because as soon as we opened the door into the gust of hot air, the waiter instantly beckoned us to the warmest table and immediately came back smiling with two pints of water.

We ordered the obvious, an endless pot of tea, while catching our breath and taking another look at all the busy crockery, cards, and dedication poems to animals which adorned the walls.

I ordered a chicken and ham salad which did not disappoint and at a reasonable price I expected it do be simple, homemade and hearty which it was. My appetite seemed to be in check with the randomness of the cafe's walls as i decided to abandon my bottomless teapot and order firstly a latte, then some coleslaw, and to top it off a glass of milk.

The scone and jam my mum ordered hit the spot and seemed to be just the thing to rightfully indulge in after a long blast in the cold.

The waiter was more than obliging with all my ravenous request and was friendly and accommodating when my dad arrived some time later, changing some table plans to make sure we all sat in the warmth together. The only downside of our mini family brunch was that the Eggs Benedict's my dad ordered came with hard yolk but if that's the only thing to get hot under the collar about - pun intended - then this dog-friendly restaurant scores high on my cards.

It was lovely to catch up in a clean and bright cafe, with the sun casting a lovely glow through the large French doors onto the crisp lawns.

Other diners were making the most of the relaxed atmosphere with a glass of Prosecco or spritzer after the Tea Rooms became a formally licensed eatery last year.

The best thing for me about this quick bite to eat was hands down the gorgeous cocker-spaniel belonging to the guests on the table next to us.

I'm always up for dog-friendly places to visit, and the fact that this cafe is a living shrine to dogs makes it all the better. The food is tasty, the staff are courteous, and I'll definitely be bringing my own sheepdog along - probably after a short Sunday stroll in the summer.

How it rated:

Tea Rooms at the Pet Cemetery, Brynford, Holywell. Tel: 01352 717862

Ambience - 8/10

Service - 10/10

Food - 7/10

Children welcome - yes

Disabled aceess - yes