Burger Shed 18, Wrexham Street, Mold. Tel: 01352 754187

Ambience – 7/10

Service – 8/10

Food quality- 7/10

Disabled access – yes

Children welcome – yes

There has been a buzz about town for months over the impending arrival of the Burger Shed in Mold.

Even within The Leader office, there was fierce competition over who would get the chance to review the restaurant once opened.

That honour fell to me, mainly thanks to the fact I sloped off to try it out almost as soon as it had opened its doors.

When there is such hype about the opening of a new eaterie, there are bound to be a few disappointments.

These I will come to, but let us start from the beginning.

The restaurant itself, which is in a cosy former shop on Wrexham Street, has been transformed, giving it the authentic feel of a New York burger joint.

Fortunately when I turned out with my girlfriend, we had booked a table, as there were many people trying, and failing, to sample the restaurant’s delights during the time we were there.

Even the drinks offered something a little out of the ordinary – the “hard” milkshakes” were tempting – but I opted for a lager, which was presented in its can.

My girlfriend had a chocolate oreo milkshake, which I can also confirm was delicious.

On to the starters, and we shared the burnt end brisket balls – something I have never sampled before – and the BBQ chicken wings.

Both were delicious, providing the perfect way to get us in the mood for our burgers.

I went for the “hot burger" while my girlfriend chose the chicken burger, and this was where things went a little down hill.

While generally tasty, there was an item within my burger – I suspect the Italian sausage – which was so salty as to render the meal somewhat difficult to eat.

I powered through, but it really took the shine off what could have been a tasty burger.

We also ordered an accompanyment of fries – burgers come on their own – which were almost ice cold and appeared to be normal oven chips.

On the other hand, my girlfriend’s chicken burger was excellent, with the chicken cooked to perfection and seasoned well.

So it was an evening of ups and downs overall, but I left with the sense that this restaurant does have the potential for a lot of success in Mold.

While there are a number of teething issues that need to be ironed out, the potential is there for the restaurant to become a real favourite.

The Bill:

Burnt End Brisket Balls – £5

Shed Chicken Wings with BBQ bourbon sauce – £5

Crinkle cut fries – £2

Shed hot burger – £8

Shed Chicken burger – £7

Chocolate Oreo shake – £4

Brooklyn Lager – £4.20