A HELSBY crime writer has unleashed a serial killer in the neighbouring town of Frodsham.

Ruth Welsby, who writes as R C Welsby, has just released her second crime thriller in her “Revenge” trilogy.

Death By Revenge again features the investigation team at Frodsham police station (which Ruth admits is much larger than the real one) led by DI Helen Cooke.

The mystery opens with a decomposing body found in the caves near Frodsham and by the end of the page turner DI Cooke is facing her own mortality as she tries to prevent more deaths.

A body is found in Frodsham caves

The description of the book reads: “DI Helen Cooke and her team investigate the death of a woman, whose rotting body is found wrapped in black plastic bin bags, and dumped in a cave. As the investigation progresses, Helen discovers two other women are missing and they have similarities to the murder victim. They are all business women local to Frodsham, a market town in Cheshire.

“When the body count increases, Helen soon realises they have another serial killer on the loose. Can she and her team find the killer and prevent any further deaths or will she die in the attempt?”

Ruth, 74, who sets most of her work in Frodsham with some scenes in Helsby and her favourite tea rooms, says she wanted to dig beneath the surface of the cosy Cheshire communities.

Scenes in the novel are set in Ruth's favourite tea rooms

The retired nursing manager said: “Frodsham is a lovely town and lots of people imagine tea and crumpets when they think of it, but you don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors.

“I thought I’ll put a serial killer in there.”

Death by Revenge

She also wants to show people that, having taken up writing in her 70s, it is never too late to start something new.

She always wanted to write but, working long hours as a nurse for 48 years, it was hard to find the time.

Ruth’s first crime novel was Unholy Revenge, also featuring DI Cooke and her Frodsham team, and the third book in the series is in the works.

Find out more about the books at http://rcwelsbyauthor.com