BRAD JACKSON is thriving at Chester under the dual management of Anthony Johnson and Bernard Morley.

Jackson, who collected the club’s players’ player of the season award, believes the joint bosses are a breath of fresh air.

Talking to the Football CFB podcast, Jackson said: “I’ve never had it before, so it’s a bit different.

“It works, they are honest and upfront, they are like that with us and there’s no hiding stuff, they say it how it is - and again, I’ve not really had a manager like that either.

“I like that. They work it very well, they are very good at speaking to you individually, they are very good at speaking to you together and it’s good to be around.”

Is there a bad cop?

“They both take turns in playing that role,” continued Jackson.

“They have a good mix of being everyone’s mate, but having that authority as well.

“They’ve both got it in them to shout at us when it’s needed, but the majority of the time they are mates with us and make everything work.”

Johnson and Morley became stars of the small screen as part of Salford City’s documentary, the duo becoming famous for their success on the pitch, and dressing room dressing downs, which, thanks to careful editing, appeared a regular occurrence.

That’s not an entirely accurate perception of the Blues’ bosses, however.

“I just know them as the managers that are with me day in, day out,” said Jackson. “Whenever they do an interview, or anything like that, they tend to be the same person. They aren’t the types of people to turn up and be a different person to look better.”

That’s not to say that Johnson and Morley don’t make their feelings known if the Blues have under-performed.

“It’s got to be Jonno that does it the most,” said Jackson when asked which one of the two uses the hairdryer treatment more frequently.

“I think if Bern ever does that you know it’s horrendously bad.

“Since I’ve been here, in two seasons it’s only happened once or twice where they’ve really gone at us, so it takes a very bad game for us to get something like that.

“It’s all done in the heat of the moment. If we have a bad game or they see one of us isn’t trying then we will get that, but the next day it’s back to normal and they speak to us when it’s all calmed down.

“There are no grudges held.”

Under Johnson and Morley, flying winger Jackson has had an impressive 2019/20 National League North campaign.

What are his favourite moments?

“One has got to be against King’s Lynn and scoring in the last minute. You can’t write that kind of stuff and it’s always great to be a part of,” he said.

“From the last few years, this season has definitely been my favourite season.

“We finished seventh, but if it had finished I think we would definitely have finished higher than that. For a team that has been mainly put together this year - there have been a lot of new players - we’ve bonded really well.”