THERE’S nothing Anthony Johnson wants more than to lead Chester into battle with fierce cross-border rivals Wrexham.

Joint-boss Johnson is currently trying to get the Blues promoted from National League North, with Wrexham counterpart Dean Keates attempting to get his side heading in the right direction after a season scrapping at the bottom of the table.

Johnson and Bernard Morley recently penned a new two-year contracts until the end of the 2021/22 season, and the former ideally wants to have locked horns with Wrexham in that time.

The last meeting between the two teams came back in March 2018 with Wrexham running out 2-0 victors at The Racecourse, Scott Quigley and Nicky Deverdics scoring, and Johnson is keen to rekindle a rivalry that the Blues boss likens to some of the fiercest in the country.

“There’s nothing I want more than to be part of a Chester versus Wrexham derby,” said Johnson.

“We’ve never really been involved in a derby. When we were at Salford we played FC United and there were 4-5,000 there, but that was based on locality, not rivalry like Chester versus Wrexham.

“The Chester versus Wrexham derby is more akin to Rangers versus Celtic and Cardiff versus Swansea, it’s a derby everyone around the country has heard of.

“I’m a Bury fan and playing against Rochdale is the derby, but I’d say it’s not as big as Chester versus Wrexham.

“I definitely want to play a part in a derby before we move on, especially at Chester.

“They are games you want to be a part of.

“We’ve had brilliant games against York this season where we’ve had big gates and that’s great, it’s what you want.

“I think even if Chester or Wrexham reached League Two the biggest game for either side would still be the derby and it’s a game you want to have every season.

“One of the things people want is for their team to have parity, or be above, their rivals.

“At the moment we are in the league below Wrexham and it’s something I’ve got to put up with on social media.

“Hopefully the clubs get the chance to play each other soon.”

Johnson stoked the flames on social media when he looked to life in football after the coronavirus crisis is over.

He tweeted: “When this is all over and we do eventually get back to playing football, how good would it be to see the bigger clubs playing local friendlies against local clubs like they used to do...?”

It was put to Johnson that he wants a friendly with Wrexham, the Blues boss declaring: Why not?!? We’d beat you anyway...”

There is some logic behind Johnson’s defence of his club.

“If you break it down, then Liverpool are the number one team in the country,” said Johnson.

“We are probably around the 125th best team and with our games in-hand, we are only a few places below Wrexham.

“Based on form and what we’ve done this season compared with what they’ve done this season, I think we are the better team.

“It’s okay if Wrexham think they are better, it’s absolutely not a problem for me.

“I think Wrexham, like Chester, are a team desperate for success to come back and at the moment they can say that they are the league above us.”