Uncertainty surrounding player contracts will not be a distraction to Chester players insists Danny Elliott.

Blues joint-manager Anthony Johnson has voiced concerns about the number of non-league players whose contracts might expire before the end of a season extended because of the coronavirus epidemic.

But 24-year-old forward Elliott insists that the squad are focused solely on returning to action at the earliest opportunity.

“It’s not in our hands, so it’s not something we’ve got any control over,” he said. “Contracts might be at the back of some players’ minds, but it’s not something we can influence at this moment so it’s not a distraction for us. We just have to see what cards we are dealt whenever the end of the season eventually gets resolved.”

With no matchday action to look forward to for the foreseeable future, Elliott admits that he’ll struggle to occupy his time at weekends.

And with few people venturing outside of their homes because of the COVID-19 threat, he says this could be the ideal chance to hone his videogame skills.

Elliott said: “It’s a strange experience for us not to be playing games at this stage of the season.

“Football’s the biggest thing in my life and that means I don’t really know how I’ll fill my Saturdays with no matches on.

“It’s not like we can even watch other sport on TV because that’s all off. Obviously I won’t be leaving the house much, I know that much.

“Maybe I’ll just play FIFA and see if I can get better at that.

“It’s a very difficult situation that football’s in right now, but it’s tough for everybody and there are so many problems out there.

“As players we’re all just as worried about our parents and grandparents as everyone else.

“We all just have to respect the fact that it’s going to take time for this to be resolved and be patient.”

Team spirit remains high at Chester’s training ground, with plenty of jokers among the squad.

Elliott added: “There’s a great group of lads here and everybody gets on. You’ve got the likes of Gary Stopforth and Matty Hughes who always like a joke along with the senior lads like Danny Livesey and Simon Grand.

“We all love a laugh and they always keep the lads’ spirits up.

“We’re still working on our fitness at home too. All the players have been handed programmes to work on at home and they should help us keep our levels up and where they need to be.

“Chris Jones (strength and conditioning coach) is great and has put together these programmes which will hopefully help to keep us in good shape.”