Chester boss Anthony Johnson feels the cancellation of the National League season is 'likely' but says finalising league positions will be a 'minefield'.

With league fixtures currently suspended until April 3 because of the coronavirus threat, many believe that the impact of the public health crisis could see the season abandoned altogether.

Johnson said:“I've only seen the statements circulating on social media and nothing official from the FA as yet.

“My personal stance is that if the season is stopped, as looks likely, then it shouldn't be null and void.

“All that does is compromise the integrity of the league.The best two teams should be promoted and the worst two should go down.

“The record books would still show how well teams have done up to this point and give the season some meaning.”

Skype meetings between National League board members have been convened already this week to discuss the current situation.

The FA and other Non-League executives have also been consulted on how determination of promotion and relegation places should proceed if the season is halted.

Following the meetings, the National League’s CEO Michael Tattersall said in a statement: “The National League is also working with the FA to define all reasonable and practical options for the determination of the 2019/20 season, and to provide guidance to clubs on dealing with player contracts, player registrations and the application of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

“We will continue to press for updates and will ensure that any further information is relayed to clubs as soon as it is received.

“The League is very aware that clubs are looking for answers and greater certainty, and we remain focused on delivering these in the most timely manner possible. ”

Several options are open to league officials if the season was ended prematurely. These include the possibility of the season being written off and voided, or the adoption of a points-per-game ratio deciding the final league standings.

Johnson says the latter of those options could unfairly impact on clubs who had found form in the latter stages of the season.

He said: “Looking at our league, you'd say that the PPG system would see York and King's Lynn go up.

“Personally I don't think either would have won the title this season.

“Brackley were in good form before the season got suspended and could realistically have caught them and gone on to win the league.

“On the flip-side, we've got two games in hand on Brackley and could have gone level with them by winning those two games.

“Then you've got teams like Fylde and Blyth playing at different levels of the National League.

“Both of those teams would go down as it stands and would question whether PPG is fair on them because they could both otherwise have stayed up.

“Whatever happens, this season needs a full-stop next to it. Players would have been moved on from clubs at the end of season regardless.

“Whether that's players being told to move on by managers or retiring.

“Dragging the season out complicates things massively in terms of contracts at this level, so there needs to be a logical solution.

“Whether or not we get one, I don't know.”