GRANT SHENTON: Awful error for Alty's third and probably should have done better for their fourth too. Not a great day at the office. 3/10

MATTY WATERS: Did well in the first half but faded as did many around him. 5

BRADLEY JACKSON: A committed performance full of the forward bursts which are making him such a good signing this season. 7

STEVE HOWSON: Battled hard at centre back and couldn't really be faulted. 6

DANNY LIVESEY: Livesey and Howson weren't really the problem and the centre backs remain solid. 6

GARY ROBERTS: Battled well in the first half but was overrun in midfield once Burton was sent off. 6

SCOTT BURTON: Was playing well but daft bookings ensured he let the team down badly. 5

DAN MOONEY: Totally ineffective on the wing and constantly lost possession. 3

CRAIG MAHON: Started really well and won a number of good tackles but disappeared after Chester went behind. 6

ANTHONY DUDLEY: Tried his best and won a number of challenges but had little support. 6

GEORGE WARING: Too static and missed a massive chance in the second half. 4


BEN MCKENNA: Could do little to stem the tied when he came on after the second goal. 5

SEAN MCALLISTER: Game was up by the time he came on. 5

LLOYD MARSH-HUGHES: A few decent runs and worked hard despite the game being lost. 6