ROSS HANNAH is determined to pick himself up from his penalty miss and keep up his love-affair with November.

Chester prepare to face Dagenham and Redbridge tomorrow (12.30pm) live on BT Sport, and striker Hannah is confident he’ll bounce back from missing a crucial spot-kick in the Blues’ 2-2 draw at Leyton Orient in midweek.

The 31-year-old did net a stunning 25-yard free-kick on Tuesday night to score in successive games and his recent good form mirrors his first season with Chester in 2015-16, where he struggled for goals in the first few months but notched four times in November and went on to finish with 25 goals.

“I’m getting into a good run now, it’s taken a while but I finally feel as though I’m getting back to my old self and the player who was here last time,” he continued. “I’m fit and sharp now so let’s hope that continues.

“Funnily enough it took me until November to really get going during my first spell at Chester, so it’s a month that seems to work out for me.

“A bit like Harry Kane can’t score in August, maybe Ross Hannah doesn’t score until November!

“It’s taken me a while to shake off the injuries I was picking up and the frustration of those. I guess going from playing every game (for Chester), to then a season of hardly playing at Barrow, it does affect your body.

“I’ve worked hard to condition my body and to try to keep the injuries at bay. That’s enabled me to get through the type of period we’re in now when the games come thick and fast and it’s 90 minutes every game.”

Regarding his missed spot-kick, which would’ve put the Blues 3-1 up, Hannah explained: “It’s mixed emotions really, anybody who knows me will know I was incredibly disappointed to have missed the penalty as it felt like a massive moment in the game.

“I did what I always do, picked my spot and stuck with it, but the goalkeeper has guessed the right way.

“If we’d gone 3-1 up against 10 men, that two-goal cushion enables us to be more solid and keep the ball in the second-half rather than us being on the back foot and defending.

“The mindset is almost a case of not conceding for the next 45 minutes but that’s hard to do against anyone in this division.

“Having said that, maybe we’ve had a bit of luck because watching it back it doesn’t look like our first goal has crossed the line, so maybe we’ve been fortunate.

“It was great to score the free-kick though, we work hard on set-pieces as they’re vital at any level of football.

“And if we get another penalty then I will be the first to step up and take it.

“You can’t worry about it or you won’t get any sleep, and I need plenty of that right now!”

Hannah was referring to Chester’s nightmare journey back from north-east London on Tuesday, as the team coach got caught up in standstill traffic caused by an accident on the M1 and didn’t return home until around 8.15am, with Hannah, Kingsley James and John McCombe facing a further drive north back to Sheffield.

He explained: “We knew it’d be a long journey, but you never expect it to be quite that long!

“The coach dropped us off in Walsall about half six, but it was another couple of hours back to Sheffield, we got stuck in the morning rush hour. But it’s just one of those things, you can’t do anything about it.

“It makes sense to cancel training.

“We’ve effectively missed a night’s sleep, you get Wednesday night as normal but your body is still catching up.

“It does affect rest and recovery and I think if we’d all gone in Thursday, it would’ve done more harm than good.

“We can all go back in (Friday morning), hit the ground running in training and hopefully take that into Dagenham.”