CHESTER striker Ross Hannah insists any abuse he receives from Wrexham fans tonight will just ‘spur him on’ to send the Reds packing.

The Blues forward rejected the advances of Wrexham in the summer to re-join Chester and is expecting a hostile reception from the 1,200 travelling supporters at the Deva in-front of a near-capacity crowd.

“Obviously I’m going to get some abuse from the Wrexham fans, but that’s nothing new,” he said.

“They’ve always given me a bit, when I was at Barrow last year I got some off them. But I don’t regret my decision in the summer one bit.

“Any stick off the fans, it just spurs me on, I think that’s the case for any striker. Anyone in a blue and white shirt, if they get abuse, it just makes us even more determined to score and send them packing.”

The 31-year-old describes the cross-border clash at the ‘fiercest’ derby he has known.

“It’s the fiercest I’ve played in,” he added. “Grimsby versus Lincoln was pretty hostile, but it’s not as fierce as this. The England/Wales element and the fact they’re both two big clubs and two passionate sets of fans, it means everything. The bragging rights are huge, right until the next time we play.”