Paranormal experience show heading for Chester

Published date: 04 March 2011 |
Published by: By Natalie Barnett
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FANS of the paranormal are invited to witness the unimaginable first hand when a unique clairvoyant experience is brought to Chester this month.

The Paranormal Experience is a fusion of past life regression and clairvoyant mediumship demonstrated by Derek Acorah and Alan Bates.

The show will take centre stage at Chester Racecourse on Wednesday, March 23 and boasts to leave even the most sceptic audience members thinking about the after life and the powers of mediumship at its highest.

The show starts with a musical introduction of Alan Bates. After an informative talk on past life regression, Alan will be inviting willing volunteers to join him on stage and by using the power of their own minds will travel back in time to unlock the secrets of their past lives.

This section is recorded for the participants and presented in the manner “This is your Past Life”. They can, if they wish, take home this information and research it.

Fans will then be introduced to spirit medium Derek Acorah, best known for is appearances on TV’s Most Haunted

Derek’s name became known in places as far flung as Australia, New Zealand, and India many years ago. From all over Europe and the Middle East, people would make contact in the hope of a reading live on air from Derek Acorah on Granada Breeze’s “Psychic Livetime” programme.


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