Tarvin man's home burgled on two successive nights


Staff reporter (Chester First)

A MAN has been jailed after he burgled a house, one night after it had been burgled previously.

Phillip King, 28, of Bowring Park Road, Liverpool, pleaded guilty at Chester Crown Court, to one count of burglary and was jailed for three years.

Prosecuting, Oliver King, told the court the victim, Geoffrey Neugebauger, had been burgled at his home address on Gowy Crescent, Tarvin, the previous evening when a motorbike was stolen from the garage of the property.

Mr Oliver King told the court there was no evidence to connect Phillip King to that burglary but the next evening, June 26, the defendant broke into the house through a front window and stole a wallet, a purse, a spare set of car keys, two motorcycle jackets and a motorbike helmet.

Mr Oliver King said Mr Neugebauger had discovered the burglary after his wife screamed and woke him up before he called the police.

Around the same time, around 1pm, a neighbour, Richard Thomasson, called the police after he saw a male entering Gowy Crescent. Mr Oliver King said Mr Thomasson knew about the burglary which had happened the night before at Mr Neugebauger’s home and told the police who scrambled the police helicopter.

Police attended the incident and found that four men had travelled to the area in a car where they found the driver asleep.

Another male was arrested after being spotted on the heat seeking camera hiding in a garden and the items which were stolen were found in a nearby hedge.

Phillip King was not arrested at the scene but forensic officers matched a fingerprint on a panel in the house to him and he was arrested the next day.

Mr Oliver King said that Phillip King had given a false alibi when interviewed by the police but when he had first attended court had pleaded guilty immediately.

The court heard Phillip King had 20 convictions for 57 offences, including two previous convictions for burglary which meant he activated a three strike minimum sentence of three years.

He had also received an eight year sentence in 2004 for causing death by dangerous driving for killing 16-year-old Kimberley Crawford in a high-speed crash in Speke.

Defending, Laura Tipping, told the court that after coming out of prison he kept himself relatively out of trouble and secured himself a job. She told the court this was because he had two young children and had become a “family man”.

But he slipped back into crime after the death of his uncle in a fire and became dependant on alcohol.

She said Phillip King had taken steps to address this since being arrested and was also having his job kept open by his employer.

Jailing him, Recorder John Bromley Davenport QC, said it was a “mystery” why he got himself involved in the burglary.

He said: “This is a serious burglary.

“It was at night, people were in the house, it was clearly planned and you had travelled from Liverpool to Tarvin to carry it out.

“You have a very bad record, but having said that I am impressed by the fact that for around six years or so you have kept yourself, more or less, out of trouble.

“It seems something of a mystery to me why you should get yourself involved in this.”

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