Pensioner accused of abusing girls tells court he was city's most loved person


Neil Bellis

A PENSIONER accused of sexually abusing five girls in the 1980s and 1990s has told a court he was the “most well-liked, loved and respected person in Chester”.
Former Asian restaurant manager Ramsey Ramsey, 79, is accused of 37 sexual offences against five girls aged under 16 in the 1980s and ‘90s, including 16 counts of rape. He denies any wrongdoing.
On day seven of his Chester Crown Court trial Ramsey took the stand to give evidence.
He said he had not had any sexual contact with anyone since he broke his back in 1974 after he fell through a glass roof at work, an accident which left him impotent.
At the start of his defence he told the jury he was born in Lebanon and educated in Iraq before he moved to England when he was 17.
He became a mechanical engineer at Rolls Royce before he moved on to a plastics company in Liverpool.
Ramsey, of Grange Road, Newton, Chester, said at around the time he broke his back he had a number of different business interests, including a club in Southport called Ramsey’s International, a building firm, he taught in a further education college and owned three hairdresser’s.
He broke his back in January 1974, which he told the court had left him impotent and with bladder problems.
For the first few years after the accident he had to walk with a Zimmer frame until his doctor told him he could replace the frame and “could walk with two girls on each side”.
He was asked by defence barrister Simon Mills when was the last time he had sex? Ramsey replied: “Before the accident.” 
Asked if he had any sexual contact with any of the complainants in the case, he said: “Never, never, never.”
Mr Mills asked Ramsey about his use of injections and Viagra to try to help with impotence problems.
Ramsey said he had used the injections four times but each time had to go to “the operating theatre” to drain his penis of blood after he suffered a priapism – where the penis stays erect for longer than four hours without mental or physical stimulation.
Ramsey said he had stopped using the injections and started to try different medications to tackle the problem but “none worked”.
Ramsey then told the court about working at the Bombay Palace on Upper Northgate Street and said he had started working at the restaurant in 1998 after the owner had a heart attack and asked him to step in temporarily. 
Ramsey said he had spent £7,000 of his own money refurbishing the restaurant and had stayed on until four years ago when he retired.
He said: “I am proud to say I was the most well-liked, loved and respected person in Chester.”
Mr Mills referred to the allegations of the first two women to give evidence who said Ramsey groomed and repeatedly raped them at his flat in Southport and at the Bombay Palace after they were offered menial jobs working there while they were under 16.
Ramsey denied the accusations and said he did not know either of the women until they were about “17 or 18”.
He said one of them “had one shift” at the Bombay Palace behind the bar when a worker failed to show up but apart from that neither worked there.
He said both used the restaurant fairly regularly and that was how he knew them both.
He said he knew they were friends and said they had both worked as escorts.
He also said one of the women had called him and invited him to a party at her house. 
When he had arrived he was taken into a room by the other woman and offered sexual services in return for money.
Ramsey said he threw £20 on the table and left the flat immediately, making an excuse that he felt unwell.
Mr Mills then asked Ramsey about paying one of the women £1,000 recently. Ramsey said the woman had gone to his house “screaming and shouting” and offered to be a defence witness for Ramsey in exchange for £1,000 because she “was in trouble over money”. 
Ramsey said he agreed because he would “have done anything” to prove the first woman was “telling lies”.
The money was paid in a number of instalments and Ramsey said that about two weeks after the last payment the woman called again demanding £50,000 or she would go to the police about him.
Ramsey said he told her to go to the police and said the phone call amounted to “blackmail”.
Earlier in the day, the investigating Cheshire Police officer in the case, DC
Simon Ledger, said during the investigation they had found 1,454 pornographic images on Ramsey’s laptop and log-in details to porn sites on a sheet of paper on his desk.
In an interview read to the court Ramsey said he did not use his laptop.
Mr Mills asked DC Ledger whether he had embarked on a “personal crusade” against Ramsey.
Mr Ledger replied “not at all” and said all of the victims who gave evidence wanted to do so.
In re-examination prosecutor John Wyn Williams asked him if there were other women who had made allegations but had decided not to appear in court. Mr Ledger replied: “Yes. We left each decision up to each woman. We didn’t put pressure on them.”

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