West Cheshire College's most 'inspirational' students awarded


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AWARDS have been presented to West Cheshire College's most “inspirational” students. 

Nine different ceremonies were held to recognise the achievements of students studying public services, sport, engineering, health and social care, childcare, travel and tourism, hospitality and catering, business and performing arts. 

Nigel Davies, principal and chief executive of West Cheshire College, said: “We have some fantastic talent at the college and it’s great that our students are rewarded for all their hard work and dedication. 

“Our winners are all inspirational and we wish those students who have left the college this summer the best for their future careers.” 

Alana Rugsby, 17, from Ellesmere Port, who won Student of the Year in Public Services, said: “I love studying public services and I’m so pleased to have won the award. 

“I have just finished my first year on the course and have one year left. When I finish I hope to become a police dog handler. 

“The award came as a massive surprise to me. It’s all thanks to the course and the tutors that I now have the confidence to pursue my career path with the police.” 

Adam Gee, 17, from Eastham, who is studying professional cookery Level 1, said: “I’m so surprised to have won the Future Manager Award in hospitality and catering. 

“I think I won the award because I’m always happy to help if there is ever a problem. Plus, when we are catering for events I try to always help and support my course mates. 

“In September I am going to continue with my Level 2 and then progress to Level 3. I have a real passion for food which is why I’m so enthusiastic on my course.” 

Performing arts held their annual Pete Southcott Awards in memory of the college’s former manager of performing arts who died in 2007 and was presented by Pete’s partner Carol Maynard. 

Students put on acting and dancing performances and one winner was selected from each category by a panel of judges. The awards were presented by former performing arts student Joel Anderson. 

Winners from the award ceremonies: 

1. Public Services 

Best attendance: 

Level 1 Hannah Machan 
Level 2 Andy Jones 
90 Credit Ben Ward 
Level 3 Year 2 Luke Evans 
Level 3 Year 2 Andy Wood 
Level 3 Year 2 Luke Shone 
Level 3 Year 2 Rob Wray 

Most improved: 

Level 1 Codie Hughes 
Level 2 Jake Horan 
90 Credit Emily Frost 
Level 3 Year 2 Brian Hall 

Student of the Year: 

Level 1 Corey Warwick 
Level 2 Eleanor Ramsden 
90 Credit Alana Rigsby 
Level 3 Year 2 Andy Wood 

Award for Positive Contribution: Caitlin Kenzie 

2. Performing Arts 

Dance winners: 

Emily Malone 
Olivia Ashton 
Amy Clough 

Acting winners: 

Emma Winstanley 
Olivia Newton 
Jamie Parry 

3. Hospitality and Catering 

Best Customer Service - Robbie Massam 
Future Manager Award - Adam Gee 
Best Food Service - David Craven 
Most Improved Student of the Year - Andrew Higgins 
Rising Star - Stephen Ready 
HE Hospitality Student of the Year Award - Mark Leighton 
Team of the Year – Blacon Community Project Tea, cook and serve lunch 
Community Project Student of the Year – Jake Kinson 

Students of the Year: 

Entry 3/Introduction to Hospitality and Catering - Edyta Kostuch 
Level 1 Preparing for a Career in Hospitality - Craig Huxley 
Level 1 Diploma in Professional Cookery - Shannon Lloyd 
Level 2 Diploma in Professional Cookery - Hannah Hulse 
Level 2 Food and Beverage Diploma - Katie Shepar 
Level 3 Professional Cookery/Pastry and Confectionary Diploma - Luke Cardiff 
Level 3 Food and Beverage Service - Ryan Doyle 

4. Health and Social Care 

Students of the Year: 

Jade Thompson 
Catherine Wood 
Emma Cowley 
Corline Grimes 

Most Travelled: 

Amber Coyle 
Jess Wilcock 
Matthew Carr 
Abbie Collier 

Vocational Standards: 

Hayley Foster 
Olivia Trenholm 
Lucie Smith 
Rebecca Hale 
Rebecca Hudson 
Eden Mor 
Abigail Wilcox 

Contribution to College Life: Cherie Grundy 

5. Childcare 

Students of the Year: 

Victoria Galloway 
Amy Dean 
Carrie Anne Tedstone 
Nikita Jones 

Most Travelled: 

Chelsea Saunders 
Emma Long 
Josh Wiggins 
Natalie Sinclair 

Vocational Standards: 

Fatima Rydzik 
Terri Aspbury 
Amy Davies 
Skirgaile Marcinonyte 

Contribution to College Life: Laura Monahon 

6. Business 

Students of the Year: 

Level 2 - Chanice Blackstock 
Level 3 Year 1 - Lauren Verdon 
Level 3 Year 2 - Tobias Venables 

Vocational Standards: 

Level 2 Highest - George Johnson 
Level 3 Highest - Matthew Ryan 
Most Improved Vocational Standards - Kathryn Dabrowski 

Most Improved Student: 

Level 3 Year 1 - Thomas Hodgson 
Level 3 Year 2 - William Boland 

Consistently Highest Achiever: Mica Marsden 

Most Motivated Student: Martyn Crewdson 

Award for Excellence: Sarah Wiggins 

7. Engineering 

IET Local Network Prize for Student Excellence - Lewis Rimington Apprentice at Ball Packaging and Hollie Hughes, Apprentice at Vauxhall Motors 

8. Sport 

Best attendance: 

Level 1 – Connor Green 
Level 2 - Luke Williams 
Level 3 Year 1 – Craig Hartshorne 
Level 3 Year 2 - Josh Shaw 
Level 3 Fast Track– Dominic Rozisch 

Most improved: 

Level 1 – Josh Dalton 
Level 2 – Abi Rowan 
Level 3 Year 1 – Jamie Rivers 
Level 3 Year 2 – Tom Bell / Emily Johnson 
Level 3 Fast Track – David Baker 

Student of the Year: 

Level 1 – Scott Heffernen 
Level 2 – Callum Ferguson 
Level 3 Year 1 – Dan Roberts 
Level 3 Year 2 – Jack Davies 
Level 3 Fast Track – Kelly Baker 

9. Travel and Tourism 

Highest Vocational Standards – Chloe Richards 
Most Helpful Student to the Travel and Tourism Team – Olivia Beddows 
Student of the Year Level 1- Chantelle Busch 
Student of the Year Level 2 – Lucy Thompson 
Student of the Year Level 3 – Lauren Lynch 
Best Team Player- Sophie Christian 
Positive Attitude (Level 3) - Ryan Kerr 
100% Attendance Award – Nicola Bowyer 
Excellent Attendance - Jamie Leigh-Faulder 
Most Motivated student (Level 1) – Anastasia Karnova 
Most Motivated Cabin Crew Student- Jessica Jones 
Most Motivated Student (Level 3) – Radha Evans 
Improved Confidence Award- Adam Smith 
Outstanding Diamond Achievement - Sarah Edwards 
HE Travel & Tourism Student of the Year Award – Kerry Farrell  

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