Girlfriend provided false alibi for violent kidnapper


Neil Bellis

A WOMAN gave a false alibi to police to protect her boyfriend from prosecution for a violent kidnap and attempted robbery, a court has heard.

Suzanne Claire Reynolds, 28, pleaded guilty at Chester Crown Court yesterday to perverting the course of justice after she gave police a false alibi on November 6.

Reynolds, of Black Diamond Park, Newtown, Chester, did so for her boyfriend Keiran Salkeld, who brutally kidnapped and assaulted a man, leaving him with a broken leg and a face so swollen it was barely recognisable.

Salkeld, 22, of Llwyn Alun, Hope and two other men Luke John Huston, 24, of Allington Place, Handbridge, Chester and Stevan Sanders, 25, of no fixed address, all received 12 years in prison for the attack on victim Marc Williams, 24, from Huntington, Chester.

Huston received a further 12 months for dangerous driving and Sanders another year for an unrelated drugs offence.

The three men plotted to kidnap Mr Williams after they heard a rumour, later found to be untrue, that he had a significant amount of money.

The court heard that at about 11.30pm on October 11, the victim was eating pizza at home when his patio doors were smashed by a heavy slab of marble and three men in balaclavas burst in with a sledgehammer.

They sprayed Mr Williams with CS gas and Tasered him before beating him repeatedly while he was on the floor, leaving him unconscious.

They then tied their victim up with cable before dragging him to a waiting car and driving to a secluded spot on Acres Lane, Upton, near Chester Zoo.

Mr Williams was then dumped into a freezing cold pond before they continued to beat him while they made threats and demanded to know where his money was.

During the beating, a large rock was dropped on Mr Williams’ leg, which caused a fracture, and a shotgun was forced into his mouth with such force it chipped a tooth.

Salkeld then kept guard of Mr Williams while Huston and Sanders went to his mother’s house to try to extort money from her.

They banged on the windows and doors of the house in Hoole, where Mr Williams’ mother and teenage daughter were.

They threatened to “finish off” Mr Williams and told them to “get the money from under the sink”.

Police were called and the pair were “spooked” by the force helicopter and left the scene without getting any money, the court heard.

Meanwhile, Salkeld left Mr Williams at the scene still tied up.

Mr Williams was able to crawl away from the pond and into the road where a taxi driver found him soaking wet, freezing, covered in blood, almost unrecognisable from the beating he had received and begging for his hands to be untied.

The taxi driver called an ambulance and police went to the scene. Meanwhile, officers had come across a Nissan Almera used during the kidnap and a car chase followed during which Sanders, who was at the wheel, drove the wrong way up the A55.

He narrowly avoided a lorry before the car was stopped.

The two men then got out and attempted to swim the Dee.

Huston was arrested when he was at neck height in the river.

Sanders was arrested the next day when he went to Huston’s address. Salkeld was arrested two weeks later at Reynolds’ address where a CS gas canister was also discovered.

A key was found to a caravan at the Chester Southerly Holiday Park at Marlston-cum-Lache.

The caravan was searched and inside police found a sawn-off shotgun and ammunition with Salkeld’s DNA on the gun and saliva on the barrel of the gun which matched that of Mr Williams.

It meant the alibi Reynolds gave for Salkeld was false as Salkeld was at the scene of Mr Williams’ kidnap.

Reynolds was remanded on unconditional bail until August 4 for a pre-sentence report.

The judge, Recorder Mark Ford, told her she might be facing a jail sentence.

He told her: “You have pleaded guilty to a serious matter which is certainly capable of being so serious to deserve immediate custody.”

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