Rossett man's moving tribute to wife cut down in prime


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THE HUSBAND of a young woman who died tragically from a rare illness has paid tribute to her, saying she was a “passionate and unique” person.

Mum-of-one Emma-Jane Hopper, of Burton Green, Rossett was diagnosed with a rare brain condition last October and died from the illness just a month later.

A teacher at St Peter’s Primary School in Rossett, Emma-Jane was 34 when she contracted Moyamoya Syndrome, and died from the condition on November 16 last year leaving behind her husband Scott and two-year-old daughter Eleanor.

Mr Hopper, 34, said: “She was a unique person. In a lot of ways, she was a very pink princess.

“But she loved her family and was always very happy and bubbly.

“She had always wanted to be a teacher and absolutely loved her job and was passionate about it.”

He said their daughter Eleanor knows that her mum has gone and was ill.

He said: “Eleanor knows mummy is in heaven.

“Every night she stands at her bedroom window, looks to the stars, and says goodnight to mummy.

“She says the last time she saw mummy was with her granny and granddad and they had a picnic on the bed – which is true when Emma-Jane was in hospital.”

Emma-Jane was in early 2013 treated for hemiplegic migraines after meeting with consultants at Walton Hospital in Liverpool.

But as the year went on the treatment was not helping and it turned out Emma-Jane had been having multiple strokes.

She proceeded to undergo tests and scans at the hospital and in October Emma-Jane was diagnosed with the rare condition Moyamoya - a narrowing or blockage of the four main blood vessels in the brain known as internal carotid arteries and an illness that is rarely found outside of Asia.

Emma-Jane went with Scott and Eleanor to Peppa Pig World in Southampton not long after diagnosis, a trip which would be her last with the family.

In early November, Emma-Jane was due to have a lumbar puncture but her health had deteriorated and she was rushed into Walton Hospital by Scott.

Her symptoms had changed and over the next few days, which Scott describes as “horrific,” Emma-Jane was having strokes.

On November 11 Emma-Jane underwent an intensive six hour operation at the Liverpool hospital, and as she woke up she had what would be the last ever conversation with her husband.

Mr Hopper said: “She asked me how her hair was and I told her it would be fine and grown back, she asked after Eleanor and we generally chatted, she was sleepy but very compos mentis.

“The last thing I said to her was I love you, but to get some sleep.”

From there Emma-Jane’s condition worsened, she was placed in an induced coma and staff were unable to wake her.

On November 16 Scott was told both Emma-Jane’s eyes had dilated and there was nothing more they could do and after a number of tests they found her brain had died.

She was pronounced dead later that day.

Mr Hopper, who runs the Small Business Enterprise in Rossett, said the care Emma-Jane had was “first class”.

St Peter’s School in Rossett will in March be taking on a challenge to cycle the 5,000 miles from Rossett to Malawi so it can raise money to install a mosaic which will depict all the aspects of her interaction in the school.

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