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Now 2013 is well and truly here, many of you will want to start making the most of it. And one way of doing this is by getting on the road and seeing the big wide world! But, as exciting as this may seem, there are a few significant aspects you need to cover first, one being… insurance! Perhaps you’ve wanted to enquire about motorhome insurance before and haven’t been sure what to do, or even worse, haven’t considered it all! Well, if you’re thinking of getting some travelling under your belt this year, just take a minute before you set off, as we’re here to show you why YOU must insurance.
If you want to ensure that your campervan is protected then it’s important to get a campervan insurance quote as soon as possible. The benefits are endless, such as those given by motorhome insurance company Safeguard who could help you save money if you have an approved security device for your vehicle. Determined to ‘put your second home first,’ Safeguard also offer competitive VW Campervan insurance quotes which provide windscreen and body glass cover, yearly European cover and even a replacement driver, in the event that the sole driver of the vehicle is suddenly taken ill when you’re abroad. Clearly, it’s well worth the investment.
Similarly to finding insurance for your campervan, if you have any other type of motorhome, then it’s equally essential for you to make sure that your vehicle and those inside it are prepared for an accident. Again if we take Safeguard, within their policy they offer no restrictions on size or weight when it comes to UK and European breakdowns, up to £1000 for audio cover and also portable generator cover up to £500. And there’s more! They also include introductory discounts, saving you money whilst you look after your vehicle; what more could you ask for?
When it comes to insurance for your caravan, it’s a little bit different. For instance, using Safeguard as an example, unlike the previous two cases, if your caravan does become damaged then they can provide you with up to £1000 as a way of covering ‘alternative accommodation costs.’ What this means is, if your caravan is badly damaged then they give you money to assist with the costs of finding somewhere else to stay. Under this caravan policy, if you plan to travel in Europe, then you also have cover for up to 180 days, which is handy if you intend to holiday abroad in your caravan in the near future. If you value your vehicle and want to secure it from any potential mishaps, then get your insurance sorted!

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