Judge Wants Drivers to Carry License in Car at all Times



A new legal proposal from a senior magistrate would require Britain’s motorists to carry their driver’s license in the car all the time so that they can produce it for police officers on demand.
Magistrate Tony Kaye claims that his proposal would be of tremendous benefit to law enforcement agencies as it would help prove who was behind the wheel during collisions and other driving incidents. In addition, it would stop drivers from giving false names and other personal information when they are stopped by police for speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
Magistrate Kaye said: “It’s a fairly simple, straightforward motion – it’s due to the challenges that arise in court because of a lack of identification. You sometimes get people who want to push the boundaries. 
“They don’t co-operate as one would expect. This is just an effort to say, as in many other countries, if you’re driving this lethal weapon, we should be able to identify who you are.”
The proposal is only in its formative stages so far, as it requires the approval of the 28,000-strong Magistrates’ Association. If they are in agreement, then a recommendation of the proposal’s introduction will be sent to various ministers to take it on to Parliament. Progression of the proposal would result in a boost to card printers such as www.thecardnetwork.co.uk as it might also set a precedent for opening up the discussion on ID cards which the Coalition Government scrapped after taking over from Labour.
Although the proposal has wide support among legal and law enforcement circles, there is also significant opposition to it. Motorist associations and agencies such as the AA have voiced their disapproval of such a scheme, saying that it would add yet another burden to Britain’s motorist population.
AA spokesman Andrew Howard, said: “We have already voted against ID cards. This would be an incredible burden on the population. Not carrying a licence could be a crime that drivers commit several times a day.”
Conservative MP Robert Halfton added: “I’m absolutely opposed to this. Motorists are being hammered enough without being treated as criminals. The ID card went out in the 1950s and it’s astonishing that these magistrates are trying to bring it back through the back door.”

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