Motorist's close encounter of the herd kind


Andrew Boyd

A MOTORIST thought aliens were blocking his path as he drove home late at night.

Instead he and other drivers were confronted by dozens of cattle on the run from a nearby farm.

About 50 cattle had filed onto the Lower Kinnerton to Higher Kinnerton road on the Wales-England border, surrounding cars as they travelled towards Higher Kinnerton village.

Police were called and ended the great escape near the Royal Oak pub after the animals had got loose from a field a few hundred yards away.

Chester resident Peter Chambers, who was among people who alerted police to the cattle convoy, was on his regular journey home at about 11.30pm on Thursday, when he encountered the animals.

“I was travelling on the stretch between Higher Kinnerton and Lower Kinnerton on dipped lights and noted something strange ahead,” he said.

“At first I thought I was approaching what looked like big-eyed aliens covering the road – it had been another long day and I was shattered.

“Then I put my lights on full beam and could see what I thought was about 30 cattle stretching across the road. And they were quite excited by their late-night escape.”

It has not been revealed which farm the cattle had escaped from but police contacted the farmer to ensure the cows and calves could safely return home.

“It looked as if they had got loose from a field on the edge of Lower Kinnerton and were heading swiftly towards Higher Kinnerton village,” added Mr Chambers.

“I just stopped my car to let the cows and calves pass unharmed and hoped they wouldn’t damage my vehicle. They didn’t.

“Drivers of another two vehicles coming in the opposite direction also stopped to let the cattle pass.”

Gareth Price, licensee of the Royal Oak, said seeing the cattle coming down the road was like a scene from the children’s fantasy film Jumanji.

“They completely filled the road,” he said. “I just nipped outside and couldn’t work out at first what was happening. It all sounded really loud.

“Everyone that was still here went out to have a look. I’ve never seen anything like this before while I’ve been here.

“There were lots of them and it was all a bit of excitement.”

Mr Jones said police arrived near the pub to help bring the cows’ escape to a close, with the farmer having to be called to round the animals up.

A spokesman for North Wales Police said: “Police were called to Lower Kinnerton after a report of about 50 cows and calves on the road, near the Royal Oak public house.

“The farmer was called and they were rounded up safely.”

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