Concerns surrounding fracking taking place in Blacon will be discussed at a public meeting this evening. 

The Frack Free Upton group has arranged the event, which takes place at the Parade Enterprise Centre, starting at 7pm. 

Posters advertising the meeting invite members of the public to attend and 'hear what the frackers don't tell you', adding that 'fracking could be coming here soon'. 

In April of last year, the government's Oil and Gas Authority, which regulates the licensing of England's onshore gas and oil industry, agreed with energy firm IGas to extend its licence so it covered Blacon. 

This has prompted Frack Free Upton – part of the Frack Free Dee Coalition of anti-fracking campaign groups – to raise awareness of the issue in Blacon. 

The group was recently part of a campaign against IGas' plans to flow test one of their wells in Ellesmere Port, with the company's application being rejected by council planners last month. They are also opposing the firm's bid to frack for shale gas on Ince Marshes. 

Campaigners say fracking – the process of drilling down into shale rock and injecting a high-pressure water mixture to release gas and oil – is bad for the environment and brings with it health risks for people living nearby. 

IGas told the Standard they have been drilling wells and producing oil and gas "safely and in an environmentally responsible manner" for more than 30 years.

They have not "firmed up" any plans for seismic acquisition in Blacon at this stage and will be in touch with the local community "as and when" they do. 

With regards to a possible appeal over the rejection of their Ellesmere Port application, the company is still "reviewing its options".