Frank Bebbington, of Marbury, has done a fantastic job growing this beautiful sunflower.

Currently standing at 8ft 5in high – or 2.5 metres – he says it is the tallest sunflower he has ever grown.

The 93-year-old, who is a keen gardener, told the Herald: “I don’t really know what the secret is – I just put them out and give them a good dose of feed.”

Frank said although he occasionally grows his own sunflowers, this giant was given to him by his neighbour Brenda Chesters in exchange for some of his tomato plants.

“I’ve had one get to about 6ft before, but this one has grown a lot more and it has a flower on it now.”

Frank explained that when the sunflower dies he will keep the seeds to give to the birds – though he may keep some to grow.

His achievement got us thinking – can any other green-fingered Herald readers top an 8ft 5in sunflower?

If so, send in a picture with your name, address and some contact details.

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