HELSBY was put on the rock map at the weekend.

Rock music fans from all over the country came to Helsby Community Sports Club on Chester Road on Saturday to enjoy Helsfest 2.

Rock and metal bands, including Stone Broken, Bad Touch, Falling Red, Hells Addiction, Twisted Illusion, and Problem Child, performed on the outdoor stage.

There were also merchandise stalls, food, a beer tent and free camping.

The fesival was organised by Ed Brereton, Chloe Louise, Raymond Darcy, and Simon Edwards.

Organisers will give a donation to Ho Ho Helsby, which puts on the annual Christmas celebrations.

Fans took to social media to say how much they enjoyed the event.

Graham Webb said: “All that needs to be said is this, amazing day. The bands, the fans and especially the organisers all contributed to make this a day I will not forget in a long time. See you next year.”

Gary Laird said: “Really enjoyed seeing Bad Touch and Stone Broken, honourable mentions go to Falling Red and Hell's Addiction, both bands I'll be looking out for in future.

Dennis Jarman said: “Excellent day out. Bands and facilities made it well worthwhile. See you all again next year.”

Steven Fox, of Problem Child, said: “Great little festival getting bigger and better each year Thanks for having us again.”

Plans are already in motion for the next Helsfest in 2018.

Simon Edwards said: “The Helsfest team would like to thank everyone who attended our little rock festival without all of you who bought a ticket, travelled across the country, and supported your bands Helsfest could not exist.

“Saturday was Helsfest’s first time outdoors and the first time at Helsby Community Sports Club and we hope we met with your expectations, we would like to thank all those who have left reviews, and also constructive comments which have been duly noted, you are our customers and we are listening to everything you say.

“A massive thank you goes out to all of our bands Stone Broken, Bad Touch, Falling Red, Hell's Addiction, Twisted Illusion, Problem Child -without you guys and all your loyal fans there would also be no Helsfest, you guys are what make the event what it is we just provide the platform.”