PARANOMAL investigators say business is booming after their latest “ghost probe” was filmed for a student documentary.

The Wrexham-based North Wales Paranormal Group came under the spotlight at the Trevor Arms in Marford, a one-time coaching inn whose spiritual goings-on have become legend in the village.

Glyndwr University TV production student Megan Davies, 20, filmed the six-hour session, which started poignantly for the group’s own camera man Dewi Hughes when he was reunited with his late mother, Brenda.

Dewi revealed fellow investigator Mike Griffiths’ powers as a medium drew in a spiritual presence unconnected with the Trevor.

“I tend to be a bit of sceptic, but what made the night for me was that before we started Mike said he had received messages from my late mother,” he recalled.

“Mike is a medium and he told me there was a woman who wanted to get a message to me. He didn’t know who “she was”. My mum passed away 20 years ago, but he got her name Cecilia Brenda and her age and a lot of details right.

“She was blocking everything else at the pub, so we sorted that out before we went up to the guest rooms.”

It is said that ghosts of a cavalier killed during the Civil War near to the site where the Trevor Arms now stands and the wife of an estate steward, thrown down the stairs after an affair, are regular visitors.

Mike said: “The soldier belonged to the Royalist army and he was killed in an ambush on what was then open fields and buried on land where the Trevor is now but his bones were dug up to lay the foundations.

“His name was Thomas Willoughby and I have made contact with him on one of our previous visits.

“We’ve been at the Trevor five times before and we were only too happy to go back when we were asked to to see if we can find something else.”

The Paranormal Group used a range of equipment to detect sounds as well as changes in magnetic fields triggered by spiritual presences.

Dewi is now pouring over the footage of the night to edit a clip for the group’s YouTube channel, which he says has helped generate new bookings, including investigations in private properties as well as nightclubs, lighthouses
and aircraft museums.

The group are due at the Moreton Inn in Johnstown tonight and visits to the Party Shop in Mold and returns to the Wynnstay Arms in Ruabon and Llay Miners’ Welfare are also in the pipeline.

“Putting them on YouTube gets them in the public domain and gives people the chance to see what we do.

“As a result of that we are getting people contact us,” added Dewi, who admits he is sceptical about popular TV shows investigating the afterlife such as ‘Most Haunted’.

“I can see it from the other side of the camera and say to myself, “they could have done it that way”. I’m a sceptic and that is the reason why I have got my cameras. Anybody can fake a video with computers.

“You have to question and make your own opinions.”

He added: “The Trevor proved to be a good night’s investigation and we didn’t get home until two in the morning.

“We got some good readings with our meters and I am analysing the footage and hope to have caught something – the instruments were flashing and there seemed a lot going on. Megan and her fellow students also seemed to enjoy the night and they had a go with Ouija board.”