CHESHIRE’S Police and Crime Commissioner has warned their will be stong action against acid or bleach attacks.

David Keane has responded to the recent corrosive substance attack in Lymm by warning would-be perpetrators that Cheshire Police will take the strongest possible action on such criminals.

A 37-year-old man was taken to hospital on August 7 suffering from injuries to his face, hands and arms caused by a corrosive liquid.

The Commissioner is also joining MPs’ calls for an urgent review into corrosive substances legislation.

Acid and bleach products, often commonly found in most households can lead to life-changing injuries if thrown onto victim’s faces or skin.

Nationally there has been an increase in the number of such crimes in the UK, leading to MPs and the Government considering tougher penalties for this form of crime.

Potentially, the Government could also introduce changes to current laws including age and volume restrictions for the sale of acid and bleach products - similar to the legislation around other restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco.

Mr Keane said: “Corrosive material attacks such as this are a vicious and cowardly crime that can often leave victims with devastating injuries. One of my main policing priorities is to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour and this kind of criminal act will be dealt with very seriously.

“It is important that we get the message out that we will not tolerate these kind of crimes in Cheshire and remind people that they could face a lengthy prison sentence.

“As well as urging the Government to take decisive action and act, I will also be ensuring that Cheshire Police does all it can to deal very forcibly with such crimes, and to look at how we can work to prevent them.”