A DRUNK man shouted “I hope you ******* die” at police officers after they tried to enter his home.

Ranjit Virdi, 59, was already the subject of a 12-month suspended sentence when officers were called to his address on Victoria Road, Ellesmere Port, on March 29.

Chester Magistrates Court heard that neighbours had reported that Virdi was drunk and shouting in the street but after officers first attended they then received another call at around 9pm saying he was now acting aggressively.

After going inside his house officers could see that he was clearly drunk and was slurring his words and struggling to stand up.

He refused to open the door to officers and was heard shouting “I hope you ******* die.”

The court heard from prosecutor Rob Youds that Virdi had 45 previous convictions for 63 offences and had received a suspended sentence for an offence of threatening behaviour in September last year.

Adrian Evans, defending, said his client wished to apologise for his behaviour which was due to his alcohol problem.

Mr Evans said the incident had forced Virdi to “re-evaluate” his life and seek help for his problem with the events occurring on the day he had received news that his best friend of 40 years had passed away.

“He is in the right frame of mind now to tackle his alcohol problem and he knows his behaviour was unacceptable,” added Mr Evans.

Chairman of the bench Theresa Whittingham said: “You were in a vulnerable position when you walked into this court today and the only thing that has stopped that are the efforts you have made with your drinking.”

Ms Whittingham added six months to Virdi’s existing 12 month suspended sentence and fined him £55 for being drunk and disorderly in a public place. He will also pay costs of £150 and a victim surcharge of £30.