The heart-warming tale of a tiny kitten found abandoned by the roadside on the outskirts of Wrexham has had the purr-fect ending after she was reunited with the women who saved her life.

The giner kitten, who has been called Nala, was spotted by quick-thinking cat lover Rachael Evans lying helplessly on a grass verge as she drove past on her way to work.

Just a few days old and all alone, she was obviously in need of urgent attention.

After calling a number of vets and cat rescue organisations and being told they couldn’t help, Rachael, from Mouldsworth in Cheshire, finally rang her own regular vets, The Firs in Kelsall, which is part of the independently-owned Willows Veterinary Group.

Without a “paws” they agreed to take in the tiny kitten and put her under the care of trainee veterinary nurse Abbie Fletcher.

By the end of her vigil 18-year-old Abbie had developed such a strong bond with her that she called her Nala and gave her a permanent home where she’s now thriving and making friends with her pet Staffie cross, Storm.

Nala’s rescuers, Rachael and her mother Liz, who took her to the vets after her daughter dropped her off, called at The Firs to see how she was progressing.

Rachael, 44, who has two rescue cats of her own called Bella and Bailey, said: “I was driving to work early one morning when I looked down and saw a kitten nestling in the grass by the side of the road.

“I pulled over for a closer look and saw a ball of ginger fluff which was the smallest kitten I’d ever seen.

“I phoned around a few places but they all told me they weren’t able to help me. That’s when I called The Firs who look after my own two cats.

“I couldn’t make it because I had to get into work, so I called my mum and asked her to help.

“As she also loves cats she agreed to drive over to Wrexham and take her to The Firs.”

Abbie said little Nala had been in a pretty bad way when she first arrived at The Firs.

“She’s now very playful and at that naughty kitten stage. She’s certainly not intimated by our other family pet, a six-year-old Staffie cross bitch called Storm.

“They sit together on the sofa and it won’t be long before they’re cuddling up because I think Nala brings out her maternal side.”