Primary school children have used an internet sensation to send a hard-hitting message about bullying.

Year 5 children at Farndon Primary School took part in their very own Mannequin Challenge, the latest social media video craze, to show the effects that bullying has on the lives of them and their peers.

Class teacher Sarah Wakefield said they were inspired to make the video due to not only the popularity of such videos at the moment, but also a recent national Anti-Bullying week celebrated in schools.

Ms Wakefield said: “"We decided we needed to look at the effects of bullying and we decided it would be a good idea to write the feelings caused by bullying down as almost being like visible scars.

“It became much more powerful than we thought it would and parents have been in tears about it.

“Before we knew it the video had hundreds of views and the parents have been sharing it on social media themselves.”

She added that the children were delighted with the video’s success and hoped it would help the message hit home.