SOCIAL media has been rife with reports that megastar Justin Bieber has been staying in an exclusive £17,000 a month mansion in Helsby.

The rumours have led to the mayor of Frodsham inviting the pop star to his parlour.

mayor of Frodsham has issued an open invitation for pop singer Justin Bieber to join him for a cup of tea and a chat in his parlour.

Cllr Mallie Poulton said the 22-year-old megastar would be treated like anyone else who visits the town – with a warm welcome.

Bieber has just performed three shows in Manchester as part of his Purpose tour and was reportedly staying in a £4.5 million mansion on Helsby Hill.

He has kept himself busy – including going to watch the Manchester Storm ice hockey team – but Cllr Poulton said it would be great to see him out and about in Frodsham and Helsby.

“I’ve seen it all over Facebook that he was supposed to be staying nearby and it would be great to see him over here,” he said.

“We would make him as welcome in the mayor's parlour as anyone else!”

However, it might be unlikely Bieber will have the time to drop by as he played in Sheffield on Wednesday and is due to perform in Glasgow on Thursday.

In typical style, he has courted controversy during his stay in the North West, with some reports on national newspaper websites that one of his vehicles was seen driving erratically near Frodsham.

Cheshire Police said they were aware of footage on social media but had not received any reports.

It is said that Bieber rented the £4.75 million Helsby property for £17,000 a month. Built into the hillside, it boasts its own helipad, football pitch, indoor swimming pool and gym.

The seven-bedroom home also has its own wine cellar and outdoor adventure area with a zipwire, playground and tree house.

It is owned by tycoon Steve O’Connor, who made millions from his rail freight and logistics company, and is now a majority shareholder at Widnes Vikings rugby league club.

Bieber upset some fans during his Manchester gigs by storming off stage.

He seemingly had a strop after members of the audience failed to stop screaming between songs when he was trying to talk.

During the last of three shows in the city, he said: “I appreciate all the support, I appreciate love I appreciate the kind things.

“But the screaming in these breaks has got to stop. Please and thank you. I don't think it’s necessary when I’m trying to say something and you guys are screaming.”

A relaxing cup of tea in the Frodsham mayor's parlour could be the perfect antidote to the young star's hectic lifestyle.