A TEACHER from Chester will be anxiously watching hit TV show Come Dine With Me on Wednesday evening – because she’s on it!

Emma Fisher, from Vicars Cross, and three other contestants welcomed each other, and a camera crew, into their homes in December to film the programme.

And after an eight-month wait Emma, Natalie, Tom and David will finally get to see how the show’s producers have portrayed them.

Contestants are traditionally given a mauling by sarcastic narrator Dave Lamb, who has become the main appeal for viewers eager to hear his pithy putdowns.

Emma, a self-employed French teacher, told the Leader yesterday: “It was really good fun taking part in the show and seeing how it was produced, but none of us know how the show will be edited so it’s a nerve-wracking time for all of us!”

She described herself as “quite meticulous” and said the show could home in on instances when things may have gone a bit wrong.

“The editing is a worry!” said Emma, who cooked a French-inspired meal.

“I’m quite fussy and a perfectionist so I don’t know what they have focused on.”

She originally decided to apply to appear on the show after friends suggested it.

Emma and her fellow contestants were the final four out of 495 applicants.

“I’m a bit of a dinner party girl and my friends said I should do it,” she said.

“I then had visions of using the £1,000 prize money to buy an iPad and iPhone!”

She was under strict orders not to reveal the winner, but said her initial fear had been that she spent too much time preparing the food and not enough playing the hostess.

Tune into Channel 4 at 5pm to find out how Emma gets on.