COMEDIAN Eddie Izzard visited Chester today as part of Labour’s campaign to get Chris Matheson elected.

This week Labour have brought some of their big hitters to the marginal seat with a visit from former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott on Tuesday and with a planned visit by Labour Leader Ed Milliband tomorrow showing they are desperate to over turn the 2,500 lead held by Stephen Mosley.

After a quick tour of the Roman Ampitheatre and a walk on the Walls Eddie Izzard and Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the City of Chester, Chris Matheson, stopped for a cup of tea at Tudor House, on Lower Bridge Street.

At the cafe Eddie told the Leader why he is a Labour supporter. He said: “We came up with the NHS, we pushed for the NHS. The Conservative Party, because they conserve things that went before that aren’t terribly good they said no NHS, they didn’t want it and they still don’t want it now.

“The country wants the NHS, they like it they don’t want it being sold off or dismantled. David Cameron said the NHS was safe in his hands but it obviously wasn’t. He immediately got in and did a top down reorganisation. It is something we fight very strongly for - 20,000 more nurses we are going to have 8,000 more GPs. I would say quite simply vote for Labour if you want to save the NHS if you want to stop it going backwards vote for Labour and vote for Chris here in Chester. It is a close vote, it will be right down to the wire.

“Above all get registered. You only have until midnight on April 20. The Tories have changed the way you register to vote probably to push younger people off the registration list. Above all vote because people fought and died for it.”

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