Questions have been raised about what support will be given to Airbus after Brexit.

Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami raised the concern in the House of Commons about what guarantees companies such as Airbus could be provided with.

Speaking to Guto Bebb, Under Secretary of State at the Wales Office, he said: “What guarantees can the Minister give companies such as Airbus, which rely on British employees moving and working across Europe, when we leave Europe?” 

In response, Mr Bebb said they would work with the company.

He said: “The guarantee we can offer to any company that wants to work across Europe is that this government will listen to them and act on their behalf.

”We have absolutely no interest in doing anything other than fully supporting companies such as Airbus, which is such a key component of the economy of North East Wales.” 

Airbus has a wing-making factory in Broughton, which employs more than 7,000 people.

Mr Tami also called for assurances on British workers being able to move freely across Europe.

Following the debate, he said: “I am in regular contact with companies in the area and I know how important this security will be for the day-to-day running of these companies.

“Airbus for example, who have factories across Europe as well as their site here in Broughton, rely extensively on their workforce being able to move freely across Europe.

“It is therefore essential that the rights of British employees moving and working across Europe are secured.” 

His comments came during a debate about the effect Brexit will have on Wales’ trade with other EU countries.

Mr Bebb said: “The UK, including Wales, remains the same outward-looking, globally-minded country we have always been.

“International businesses, such as Aston Martin, choose to invest in Wales as a result of the great work done by the Department for International Trade and the Wales Office, working hand in glove with the Welsh Government.

“That shows that Wales continues to be a great investment destination.”