A KUNG FU fighting schoolgirl who lives in a windmill in Chester is set to take the regional martial arts scene by storm.

Angel Mulvey, aged seven, of Old Mill Court in Upton, first donned her gloves and foot guards for Lau Gar Kung Fu lessons in April last year.

A student at the Brian Nelson school in the city, she secured her first two belts in quick succession and went on to win the Light Contact Tournament 2016.

She also bagged the title of ‘Student of the Year’ with the club, which has branches across the North West and North Wales.

Mum Katie said Angel had taken to the Bruce Lee-style martial art like a high-kicking duck to water.

And the youngster’s new-found skills are coming in particularly handy when it comes to keeping her twin brother Brandon, seven, and older brother Luke, 12, in line.

Katie told the Leader: “She went along to a class in April last year with a friend.

“Her friend didn’t like it but Angel really enjoyed it and carried on.

“She worked hard and got her white and blue belts quickly. Then she went on to win the tournament too; we’re all very proud of her.”

She added: “She’s a bit of a tom-boy, which comes from having two brothers. She can certainly hold her own now!”

Angel, who attends Mill View Primary School in Upton, hopes to continue her kung fu lessons and compete in more tournaments.

“She’s very determined!” added Katie.