JOHNNY HUNT believes Lincoln City have provided the Blues with a wake-up call.

The Chester left-back is determined to help his team get back on track after the disappointment of Saturday’s 5-2 home loss against The Imps.

Hunt saw the Blues surrender two leads against Lincoln either side of half-time after Ryan Astles and a Tom Shaw penalty had put Chester in front.

But Hunt admitted he was to blame for Lincoln’s last two goals as his team were attempting to reduce their arrears.

“I think what happened on Saturday is a marker for us in terms of where we want to be,” Hunt said. “I thought we were unlucky to a certain point, but I think Lincoln showed us the difference from where we are and where we need to be when games are close.

“We need to do what Lincoln did, even if we’re losing games, we need to get back into a game and then go on and win.

“The way we conceded was so uncharacteristic, but I’ll hold my hands up for that because I was part of that.

“It was probably my fault for Lincoln’s last two goals because I was getting a bit too carried away with trying to get us back into the game.

“But we were just that eager to prove that we can match it with teams like Lincoln.

“We should have stayed in front and then we would have stayed tight, but when you are going for an equaliser then you’re not going to sit on it at home.

“Maybe we should have been a bit more tighter until the last 10 minutes when it was 3-2 and then really gone for it and maybe squeezed a late equaliser, but it wasn’t to be and then they went and scored two goals.”

Hunt insists that his team need to stay alert immediately after scoring and put their faults down to inexperience.

He said: “I don’t think it was a fair scoreline because I think we just got a little bit out of shape. I just thought we should have got in at half-time in front, but that might have been down to a little bit of inexperience.

“When you score a goal in this league you have always got to be switched on for the next five or 10 minutes, but that’s when we conceded twice from corners. The second goal  before half-time was a bit of a blow, but the one we conceded just after the break was a massive blow.

“I still thought we created a lot of chances, but they weren’t going in and it was just one of those days.

“I thought we were showing at times when it was 1-1 after they equalised that one goal wouldn’t knock us, and even after we conceded to go 3-2 down, I thought we still created chances.

“But people still need to remember that we’ve only lost one of our last 10 games, and if we achieve that for our next 10 games then we’ll be in a very good position.

“It’s a tough run that we’ve been on. We’ve had two tough away games recently at York and Macclesfield, and then a tough home game against Lincoln, but that’s what this league is like.

“We’ve got a little bit of a break now and then we face another tough game at Tranmere, but then we face a few fixtures that we’ll be looking to take maximum points from.”