Concerned parents have taken matters into their own hands over what they claim is a 'hazardous' bus stop. 

Parents of Upton High schoolchildren who use the stop – on Guilden Sutton Lane – have placed two warning signs nearby in the hope motorists will take care when they travel past.  

Steve Lloyd, whose son uses the stop, has led a campaign to get it turned into a bus shelter, which he feels will be safer as it would offer more protection and be more visible. 

But council officials have told Mr Lloyd there is simply not enough space at the site, which is located between the road and a hedgerow, to build a shelter. 

"We find this unacceptable," said Mr Lloyd. "So we have invested in signs to try and slow traffic down. However, this is far from ideal. This is a health and safety issue, first and foremost. A satisfactory solution is required."

The campaign dates back to a "near miss" involving a pupil using the bus stop in September 2016. 

Since then, residents have lobbied Guilden Sutton Parish Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC). Mr Lloyd is adamant the stop is 'hazardous'.  He says it is obscured from the view of drivers, adding that large vehicles often encroach on to the verge to avoid oncoming traffic. 

There is no protection from the elements and it is dark during the winter months when students are picked up at 7.55am. 

Parents and schoolchildren at the bus stop in Guilden Sutton

Councillor Karen Shore, cabinet member for Environment at CWaC, said a survey of the bus stop was conducted and the trees and hedge were cut back to increase the waiting space. 

But Cllr Shore added: “We would have no issue installing a shelter at the location, if there was enough space and it was safe to do so. Unfortunately the location of the current bus stop just isn’t wide enough, the flagged area and surrounding verge space is too small for the smallest bus shelter.” 

There is no other suitable location to relocate the stop to, and removing the stop totally would leave passengers with no alternative, council bosses say.

The matter was raised at a Guilden Sutton Parish Council meeting in December. 

The council's highways department said the parish council could install a bus shelter, but they would be responsible for all maintenance and upkeep, plus liability for it. Members felt that they did not have the resources to take on such a liability.

But Mr Lloyd will not back down.

He said: "We will continue to campaign for a safe, well-lit bus shelter to protect the current and future students using this service."