“SUPERTREES” are the latest suggestion to be part of a sculpture trail celebrating the city’s history and people proposed by a Chester business leader.

Adam Dandy, of Dandy’s Topsoil, has already arranged meetings with Cheshire West and Chester Council and an award-winning artist after proposing his Chester sculpture trail idea last week.

Now he wants to team up with another champion of Chester to give an environmentally positive aspect to the plan, which he hopes will celebrate all things good about Chester.

Inspired by the gardens in Singapore, Steve Hughes has been working to bring supertrees to Chester in recent months.

Supertrees is the name coined for the metal structures in the Gardens by the Bay project in Singapore. They are vertical gardens, between 25 and 50 metres tall, used to support climbing plants to thrive.

Steve has been working to raise awareness and funds to make the scheme a reality – including running seven marathons in seven days in seven countries.

And, now, Adam believes the supertrees, although on a smaller scale than in Singapore, could be a part of his proposal to create a sculpture trail to celebrate Chester, its people and history.

Mr Dandy has already offered to support the supertrees project with a donation of landscaping supplies.

On twitter, he said that he had met with Mr Hughes to discuss the possibility of the supertrees being part of the sculpture trail.

Adam said: Steve’s interested in the proposed #SuperTrees being part of the proposed Historical Sculpture Trail around the City, possibly with some historic carvings or artwork at the foot of the trees. There are three trees planned for the Bingo Roundabout, which is a fantastic idea!”

Since proposing the idea of a sculpture trail last week, Adam has arranged meetings with Cheshire West and Chester Council officers and Wrexham-based wood sculptor Simon O’Rouke.

Adam envisions a trail of benches adorned with carved wooden figures of Chester’s famous figures of the past and present.

Statues of a Roman charioteer on Hoole Roundabout or a gladiator or soldier by the amphitheatre were some of the early suggestions.

The idea gained a lot of support on social media, with many suggesting more recent stars like Russ Abbott, Roger Moore or Daniel Craig be celebrated with statues.

Now, Adam, who is the co-founder of SHARE (Supporting Homeless Assisting Refugees Everywhere), is looking for other Chester businesses and individuals to support the idea.

On Facebook he asked if “any business owners or individuals be interested in sponsoring a ‘Star of Chester!’ These sculptures would be hand carved and seated on a bench, by the award-winning Simon O’Rouke and located in key areas of Chester where they once visited, and form a trail, which when completed would offer discounts to local shops, cheaper tickets, prizes etc”.

He added: “The trail would be supported by a new website with a mention on the sculptures plaque and online, the plaque would also contain the history of what happened as well as a code to enter online to prove the trail was completed. Imagine sponsoring King Charles on the Old Dee Bridge, the route he used to escape in the 1600s, Winston Churchill near the River looking across at his Secret Bunker on the other side, Daniel Craig maybe outside Storyhouse.

“Tourists will be able to sit next to them, take pics, post their pics to other potential customers of our great city! If that’s not enough, Simon’s offered to donate 25% of his fee back to help the homeless in Chester! So you’d also be helping to house people in need too! I am just looking for expressions of interest at the moment, to take to CWAC, so please let me know if you think this is a good idea, suggestions of who the Stars might be, including normal people and what they did, and if you might be interested, either in crowdfunding one piece or sponsoring one.”