WOODEN statues of the “stars” of Chester could be seated on benches around the city if a businessman’s ambitious plan takes off.

As reported by the Standard earlier this week, Adam Dandy, of Dandy’s Topsoil, came up with the idea to have statues celebrating the city’s rich history.

Statues of a Roman charioteer on Hoole Roundabout or a gladiator or soldier by the amphitheatre were some of the early suggestions.

Another suggestion made by Twitter users was a statue or similar to mark the Battle of Rowton Moor.

The idea gained a lot of support on social media, with many suggesting more recent stars like Russ Abbott or Daniel Craig be celebrated with statues.

Historical figures such as Charles I and King Harold Godwinson have also featured in Chester's often bloody history.

Wrexham-based artist Simon O'Rouke working on a statue of The Beatles

Now, Adam, who is the co-founder of SHARE (Supporting Homeless Assisting Refugees Everywhere), has contacted an artist that he thinks would be perfect for the project.

Adam will be meeting with Wrexham-based Simon O’Rourke, who is an award-winning sculptor who specialises in carving figures such as dragons from trees, this week.

Adam envisions a trail of benches adorned with carved wooden figures of Chester’s famous figures of the past and present.

In a puntastic tweet on Twitter, Adam said: “Woodn’t it be nice to have a trail of benches with hand carved ‘Stars of Chester’ to sit next to & get snapped with! With a plaque & IR code detailing the story of what they did in the City & when. Located in the place or looking towards the place they visited in real life?

“It’d be nice to include some unsung female ‘Stars of Chester’ in the line up too! Maybe Princess Diana... or those women who scrambled to repair the Walls to protect the City during the Siege of Chester, amongst others.”

The scheme could also help the city’s homeless, a cause close to Adam’s heart.

Chester businessman Adam Dandy will meet with Cheshire West and Chester Council to discuss his idea

He added: “Reasonably priced so attractive for locals & businesses to sponsor, 100% recyclable, add value to key locations across the city, interactive for tourists & residents as well as practical, great photo op, plus sculptor has offered to give 25% back to help the homeless in the City!”

He told the Standard: “I love the tree carving idea though because it’s natural, 100% recyclable and not stupidly expensive, so it’s attractive for locals and businesses to sponsor and support. It will be adding value to key locations across the city, promoting and interactive way for tourists to learn about our rich heritage and share via social media with other potential customers of Chester.

“The fact that Simon has offered to donate 25% of his fee back to Help the homeless in Chester is just fantastic and makes this project a win win for everyone – but most of all for this great city we live in.”

Adam has a meeting with Cheshire West & Chester Council officers arranged by deputy leader Louise Gittins where he will outline his idea.

Who do you think should be featured on the proposed stature trail in Chester?

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