AN electrician from Ellesmere Port was gobsmacked when he opened his back door to see a huge metal shed had flown over a wall and landed in his yard.

Adrian Crawford, of Briarfield Road, made the astonishing discovery on Wednesday afternoon last week following the gale force winds caused by Storm Eleanor.

He told the Standard: “It was like having the TARDIS land in your back garden! Although Dr Who must have had a few too many Christmas sherries to be landing it like that.

“My partner Angela asked if it had landed on the Wicked Witch! It looked like we'd opened the door to Kansas City.”

Adrian, 45, knows first-hand how big and heavy the shed is because he spend three days building it last summer for the couple who used to live next door.

“The wind must have had some real strength as it's the size of my living room,” he said. “It's massive.

“There's a four-foot wall between us and next door so the wind must have lifted it up and flipped it over. I can only think the doors might have been open which allowed the wind to get inside.”

He also said it was lucky his 14-year-old mongrel Mr Bentley – named after a housing estate rather than the luxury car brand – was not in the yard at the time.

“Mr B is quite slow on his feet these days,” Adrian said. “We'd just come back from a blustery walk at the park and I opened the back door to let him out and we were confronted by this sight.

“If he'd been out there at the time then I don't think he would have been able to move out the way quickly enough. He's just turned 14 and could have been brown bread just a few days after his birthday.”

Adrian is now faced with the proposition of dismantling the shed for scrap or heaving it back into his neighbours' garden, should they want it back.

His neighbour on the other side, John Foley, 59, said everyone in the street had heard about Adrian's flying shed.

“There was other stuff flying around the road but nothing on this scale,” he said. “I'm amazed at the strength of the wind. It just flew right over into his garden! I've never seen anything like it before.”