FIREFIGHTERS have issued timely safety advice after a spate of chimney fires in Cheshire.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service are reminding householders to ensure their chimney is safe after firefighters attended six fires in one town since Christmas Eve.

Firefighters were called to deal with the latest fire in Macclesfield just after 7.15pm on Saturday (Jaunary 6) in Cedar Grove.

The fire crew, which was joined by a hydraulic platform, were in attendance for more than two hours.

Firefighters have also dealt with chimney fires in Chester, Ellesmere Port, Malpas, Farndon and Northwich in the past two months.

Nick Evans Head of Prevention said: “Employing a certified chimney sweep to clear the flue regularly and maintaining chimneys is vital and makes a disaster much less likely to strike. Following our chimney safety advice can certainly help to prevent a fire from starting.”

- Firefighters would like people to remember the following advice:

- Always use a fire guard to protect against flying sparks from hot embers

- Make sure embers are properly put out before you go to bedKeep chimneys and flues clean and well maintained

Between December 1 2016 and April 1 2017 Cheshire firefighters attended 51 fires with 13 occurring in January and 17 in February.

Nick added: "To keep yourself and your family safe from fire you should take care to have your chimney swept regularly, depending upon what fuel you burn. If the worst should happen, a smoke alarm can give you the extra time you need to escape in a house fire – make sure you test yours regularly.”

An open fire is ideal to keep warm in the winter, but without proper maintenance a chimney can become dangerous.

Regular maintenance of your chimney will depend on the fuel you burn:

- Smokeless coals - at least once a year

- Wood - up to four times a year

- Bituminous coal - twice a year

- Oil - once a year

← Gas - once a year

More advice is available at

To find a certified chimney sweep visit