A CHESTER teacher has delivered on her promise to raise money for a prosthetic leg for a relative who suffered horrific injuries in a crash in Mexico.

In April, 22-year-old Eduardo Fajardo had to have his leg amputated, as well as suffering a catalogue of injuries to his face and chest, after being hit by a car.

His aunt Teresa Fajardo, who lives in Hoole and works as a language teacher at Birkenhead High School having previously worked at West Kirby Grammar School, embarked on seven months of intense fundraising to raise money to help him walk again.

First she raised money for permanent dentures to replace the five teeth her nephew lost in the crash – but then she set the target of raising £4,500 for a prosthetic leg in time for Christmas.

Teresa, a member of Chester Road Runners who is in training to run the London Marathon in 2018, said: “The news is that I’ve managed to raise the £4,500 in just over seven months of intense fundraising, pretty much single-handed, and with the backing of everyone who believed in me and this worthy cause.

“My friend Sue has been key when I was deflated at one point. I felt I’d done enough, I didn’t have any more events organised. It felt I had exhausted all the avenues. But then I got a table for free in two Christmas markets. We rounded up more prizes.

“Sue donated bauble earrings – in a few weeks they alone raised a surprising £300. What a fantastic boost!

“Then we raffled two chocolate hampers.

“Quality Cleaners helped selling tickets and in Tarporley High School raised another important amount.

“By Saturday (December 23), I was just £60 away from the big target. A few friends chipped in and between all of us, we got to the magic £4,500.

“I’m humbled, grateful, happy, emotional, and feel this truly is the very best present I will ever give: My time to organise so many events and gather the generous donations from everyone, even the person putting one pence in a collection tin in a local Hoole shop.”

Unfortunately, Eduardo's progress was slowed when he suffered a broken vertebrae when the car he was travelling in overturned during the heavy rain that hit Mexico in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in August.

But Teresa is hoping to visit Eduardo in 2018 and see him up and about on his new leg.

Teresa added: “The normal physiotherapy to get him ready for the leg had to stop.

“At the moment, he is grieving his losses. The uncle he was travelling with drowned.

“Hopefully he’ll come round soon and start his physio again to get his stump bandaged three times a week, shaping it ready for the new leg. In his own time.

“I would like to visit him in May. I would dearly like to have a photo of us two, with Eduardo and his new leg.”

Anyone wishing to help with the fundraising can contact Teresa at caramba3.tf@gmail.com