MIKE Amesbury MP has renewed his call for "justice" for women campaigning for state pension equality during a Commons.  

The WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) campaign highlights the plight of hundreds of thousands of women across the country, including more than 4,000 in Weaver Vale, who were born in the 1950s and have had changes enforced on their pension entitlements and access. The changes came with little or no notice, and the women had no time to make alternative plans.

Mr Amesbury raised the issue in July during one of his first debates since taking Weaver Vale from the Conservatives and has again renewed his calls for a fair deal for those affected.

Speaking in the Commons, he said: “Surely this is about justice, about doing the right thing for WASPI women and about Conservatives joining opposition members on the issue. 

“The 31 Conservatives who claim to be supporting the WASPI women - and rightfully so -  should join us in the Lobby. Let us have some justice and some proper transitional arrangements.”

Replying, Conservative Rachel Maclean (Redditch) said: “This Government have already allocated more than £1 billion to help women. We have heard this morning from the First Secretary of State that the pension age will be equalised by next year.”

Speaking later, Mr Amesbury said: “I get a great deal of letters and emails from people in my constituency impacted by this. These women have worked all their life with the expectancy that when their working day was done they’d get a just return for what they’ve put in, only to now have the rug pulled from under them.

“To leave them high and dry without some kind of transitional deal is simply wrong and I’ll continue to campaign at every opportunity for a just outcome for the women of Weaver Vale who’ve been affected by this.”