Chester’s Ray Tindall could be home by Christmas after the Chennai Six were acquitted in India.

Mr Tindall, 42, of Newton, was one of six British former soldiers imprisoned on weapons charges in India in 2013.

They were arrested while working as guards on ships to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean. The six had always denied the charges, which were initially quashed but later reinstated.

They were sentenced to five years in 2016 but, at an appeal hearing this morning, a judge has ruled that they be acquitted.

Friends, family members and local MPs – including the City of Chester’s Chris Matheson – have campaigned on behalf of the Chennai Six.

The other five men are Billy Irving, 37, from Argyll and Bute, Nick Dunn, 31, of Northumberland, John Armstrong, 30, of Wigton, Cumbria, Nicholas Simpson, 47, of Catterick, North Yorkshire,  and Paul Towers, 54, of Pocklington, East Yorkshire.

More to follow.