FIREFIGHTERS were called to deal with two fires in the Thornton Road area of Ellesmere Port last night.

A crew from Ellesmere Port was first called to a fire in a wheelie bin just before 6.30pm.

Firefighters used a hand appliance to put out the fire.

An hour later, firefighters were called to the park on Thornton Road where a matress was on fire.

Again, they used a hand appliance to extinguish the fire.

Prior to Bonfire Night, Cheshire Fire Rescue Service issued a warning about the dangers of deliberate fires.

They added that the public can do their bit to reduce the likelihood of deliberate fires by ensuring wheelie bins and rubbish are not left out in the open.

Cllr Bob Rudd, chairman of Cheshire Fire Authority, said: “Sadly a lot of our time is taken up dealing with deliberate fires and we work closely with police, local authorities and schools to try and reduce these each year.

“Firefighters have been busy engaging with communities in hotspot areas to educate people about how they can help if they see dangerous and nuisance bonfires.

“People can also help to reduce incidents of arson by ensuring wheelie bins are stored away and by not leaving rubbish out for people to use to fuel bonfires.”