POLICE cars and motorcycles descended on the village of Saughall to prevent a runaway horse getting on to a dual carriageway.

The brown horse was spotted by villagers in Lodge Lane area just after 11am this morning.

The horse was grazing on grass outside houses but was also running up and down the roads, leading to fears that it may run on to one of the busy roads surrounding the village.

Melanie Ashley, Deva Tuk Tuk, said: “We were just getting into the house when we saw the horse. We had to come away as we didn't want to make the situation worse, but as we were leaving we saw lots of police cars and motorbikes heading to the junction of the dual carriageway on the A540.”

A Cheshire Police spokesman said that officers had now got the horse under control.

The spokesman said: "Police were called shortly before 11am this morning (2 November) to reports of a horse on Hermitage Road in Saughall, Chester. Officers attended and safely removed the horse from the road. The owner has been contacted."