A MAN sexually assaulted a student as she waited to be served in a bar in Chester city centre.

Michael Alexander Smith, 29, twice shoved his hand up the young woman’s dress in The Alchemist on St John Street on September 30.

Chester Magistrates Court heard yesterday that Smith, who admitted sexually assaulting the victim, then smiled at her when she turned around to confront him.

In a victim impact statement, read to the court by prosecutor Alan Currums, the shocked woman said: “Not once in my life have I felt so overwhelmed, intimidated and violated.”

Magistrates deemed their sentencing powers were insufficient to deal with Smith, who will be sentenced in crown court.

Outlining the case, Mr Currums said the victim – who cannot be identified for legal reasons – had been out with her partner and friends in the city.

She went to the bar in The Alchemist and a few minutes later was sexually assaulted.

“She was served by the barman and was waiting for her drinks when she suddenly felt a hand up her dress,” Mr Currums said.

No-one was visible behind her at the time, but a few minutes later she felt the hand reach under her dress and touch her more forcibly.

“The incident happened very quickly and she turned around to see a male standing behind her moving his right hand away,” Mr Currums said.

The court heard she told Smith he had “no right to touch my body”.

Smith, of Holland Street, Crewe, then reportedly smiled before his victim confronted him further.

The victim explained to the barman what had happened before CCTV footage was reviewed and Smith was arrested.

Smith, who has no previous convictions, is due to be sentenced at Chester Crown Court on November 15.