Erin Cross made a TV news presenter blush by stunning her with a surprise question live on air. 

The Chester youngster, whose brave battle with leukemia captured the hearts of thousands of people around the world, appeared on ITV Lunchtime News on Tuesday to talk about receiving a WellChild Award from Prince Harry the day before. 

Towards the end of the interview, seven-year-old Erin asked presenter Lucrezia Millarini if there was time to ask her a question of her own. 

After being told there was, Erin said with a cheeky grin: "I've got a question from a friend. Are you single?"

Lucrezia smiled and replied: "Erin! I'm blushing."

Erin had been on typically charming form during the whole interview. 

She said it was the fifth time she had met Prince Harry, while dad Antony revealed his daughter had playfully poked Diversity street dancer Perri Kiely on the bum at Monday's ceremony. 

"They said I could be in their club," added Erin. 

The Upton youngster picked up the Inspirational Child prize at Monday's awards bash in London. The event was staged to honour the courage of children living with serious illness and the medical professionals who care for them. Prince Harry is patron of the charity.

After meeting Erin, ITV anchor Lucrezia said it was "an absolute pleasure" to share her story.

The presenter added: "I knew Erin had a question for me because she told me before we went on air. Needless to say I had no idea it would be this one! She'd already mentioned not letting her dad do embarrassing 'dad dancing' at last night's award ceremony and that she'd met Prince Harry 'more times than his girlfriend'. So I knew she was a bit of a character.

“And yes, I'm not easily embarrassed but this question did make me blush. I didn't get to answer on air - am I single? No, happily married.”

Erin hit the headlines last summer when her mum Sarah and Antony launched an online appeal for funds to send their daughter to America for pioneering leukemia treatment.

After an astonishing response from people across the world, the appeal target of £100,000 was raised in just 24 hours.

Erin underwent CAR T-Cell therapy – an experimental treatment only available in America – which proved to be a huge success, clearing the cancerous cells in her body. She has now been cancer-free for just over a year but still goes to hospital for the treatment of symptoms related to her bone marrow transplant.