A TOWN has become the ‘Bra Capital of the World’ as 2,000 garments have lined the high street.

Saltney has been deluged by donations of bras to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Care, with the under-garments turned into temporary high street bunting.

The trail runs more than 700 yards all the way from the social club along the high street to the town’s Anchor pub – and there are still plenty of bras left over.

Friends Linda Houghton and Geraldine Crawford, licensee of the Saltney Tavern Social Club, began collecting the bras weeks ago – and they will eventually be donated to under-privileged women in Ghana, West Africa.

Linda said: “It was just one of my mad ideas, I thought people could do with more breast cancer awareness.

“It was something different.

“We made an appeal on Facebook, through social media.

“Mecca Bingo in Chester also had a bra collection box for us.

“The response has been amazing. I’ve personally lost friends to breast cancer, so wanted to make a difference and the whole community has come together.”

On Saturday a charity night was held to raise much-needed funds, but it has been the uplifting sight of the bra-bunting which has caught the attention of the public.

Geraldine said: “Linda deserves all the credit, she is the main organiser of everything.

“Over the last two years a lot of our friends have been affected by breast cancer and with it being October, and the awareness month, we decided to have this event.

“We’ve been collecting bras for the last six weeks and we’ve probably got more than 2,000 now, which have been donated here at the social club.

“They have come from all over the place.

“This week we will have to take them down but they will be sent to Ghana through the charity.”

The event on Saturday was sold-out and Ms Crawford thanked Mecca Bingo Chester and Bromborough Social Club for their support.

The entertainment featured singer Sharon Wallace from Chester and a Rod Stewart tribute act.

Geraldine said: “The response has been absolutely fantastic.

“We’ve had a brilliant reaction to the campaign – it seems like Saltney is going to become the bra capital of the world. It has been such a good reaction we think we will do it again next year and have it as an annual event.

“Saltney is like that, it’s a really good community and a lot of us in here in Saltney have been touched by this illness.”

It took the help of local lads including George Randles, Sam Page, Ben Davies, Reece Welburn and TJ Moore, more than three hours on
Thursday to create the bra-chain.

Organiser Linda added: “People doubted whether it work, but I said of course it would and it has.

“I’m chuffed to bits with how it has all gone and want to say thank you to everyone who has donated.

“Now I’m thinking about doing something in the spring to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s, something else more and more people are suffering with.”