CLOSE co-operation between partners responsible for keeping Wirral communities safe is being cemented further with the establishment of a Safer Wirral Hub.

The hub, based at the Solar Campus in Leasowe, is the first phase of a new multi-agency service which will deliver an effective, joined-up community safety service for the people of Wirral.

Led by Merseyside Police, a number of Wirral Council teams, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and other key partner agencies – including the voluntary sector – have already delivered a 38 per cent reduction in anti-social behaviour across Wirral.

Cllr George Davies, Wirral Council’s cabinet lead for community safety, said: “Success in building safer neighbourhoods is beyond the ability of the police or the council alone and requires this stronger partnership approach within and across all partner agencies and communities.”

At the hub, in the Solar Campus, Wallasey, operations are directed through daily briefings across all key agencies. Intelligence and data is gathered for use in planning responses and operations.

In addition, joined-up services will also operate within local police stations across the Wirral tied into weekly briefings involving police officers, PCSOs, the anti-social behaviour team, community patrol officers and the fire service.

The agreement to establish the Safer Wirral Hub and closer partnership working under the leadership of Merseyside Police was signed earlier this year and the teams have already been engaged into integrated work that has produced promising early results, including a 38 per cent reduction in anti-social behaviour across Wirral.

It is estimated the Safer Wirral Hub could save emergency services about £50,000 per year through this way of working.

Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, Jane Kennedy, said: “It’s clear that this move to further increase collaboration and combine community safety services on the Wirral is already bringing benefits to people living in the area and is enabling our services to work more effectively and efficiently.

“In this era of austerity, no organisation can afford to work in isolation and this is a great example of how public and third sector agencies can work together to share knowledge, expertise and resources to make our communities safer.”