MOTORISTS with dashboard cameras have potentially shopped 86 dangerous drivers to the police in Cheshire.

A new facility that allows people to upload ‘dashcam’ footage to a police website has proved a hit since it was launched in May – with videos of people jumping red lights and using mobile phones passed on.

In the wake of National Roads Victims Month in August, Cheshire Police is asking residents to think about what they could do differently to help improve road safety.

Supt Martin Cleworth said: “One death on our roads is one too many and we are committed to doing everything we can to make our roads safer.

“However, this is not something that the police can tackle alone; everyone has a role to play.

“Whether that’s making sure that you stick to the speed limit or waiting until you get home before you make that phone call.

“You could also consider becoming a member of one of the local community speed watch groups. There are many ways you can contribute to road safety.”

He said the force had already received 86 dashcam submissions for a variety of driving offences, adding: “In the current age, more people than ever before now have cameras fitted to the vehicles and helmets, potentially capturing footage of people committing traffic offences.

“Previously the only way for people to submit this footage was by calling us and arranging to have the footage collected and then providing a written statement.

“The new process is much simpler and people can now go online, complete a simple form and upload the footage.

“This will then come through to us and we can assess whether an offence has been committed and determine what action is appropriate.”

Cheshire Police and Commissioner David Keane said: “One of my key policing priorities for Cheshire is to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour.

“Criminality and dangerous behaviour on our roads affects us all and it is great to hear about some of the proactive work that the force is undertaking to improve road safety.

“Throughout ‘road victims month’ we focused on the devastating impact that fatal and serious collisions have on the victims and their families.

“Whilst I acknowledge the tremendous work undertaken by our dedicated roads policing team, it’s a sad fact that many of these tragedies could be avoided if road users paid more attention to the road and obeyed all of the laws that are in place.

“That is why I’m encouraging all road users to play their part.

“I’m committed to making our roads safer and together we can all help to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on Cheshire’s roads.”

To find out more about how to submit video footage or to see if there is an active Speed Watch group in your area, visit