A MUM had her hair shaved off by her five-year-old daughter during an emotional photoshoot – just weeks after the youngster was diagnosed with cancer.

Jenny Deverell, 39, from Chester, discovered little Seren has a form of kidney cancer, known as a Wilm’s tumour, in July.

The mother-of-two first noticed a small lump under Seren’s ribs one morning when she complained of stomach ache as they ate their breakfast.

She had no other symptoms and doctors thought it might be a swollen spleen.

But tests revealed the youngster had a tumour the size of a pineapple on one of her kidneys and a smaller one on the other.

She is already undergoing chemotherapy and Jenny decided to sign up for Macmillan Cancer Support’s Brave the Shave to thank the charity for the help it has provided.

Jenny’s head shave was captured on camera by world-famous photographer Rankin, who lost his mother Anne to lung cancer in 2005.

The celebrity photographer, who works with the likes of Kate Moss and Heidi Klum, had invited eight people with loved ones affected by cancer to his London studio.

He spent the day filming, photographing and interviewing each person about the personal experiences which inspired them to Brave the Shave.

Market access manager Jenny, who was also joined by husband Tomos, 38, said: “Thankfully the treatment is going well, shrinking the tumour by up to 40 per cent so far, but it is likely she will require more, as well as surgery and possibly radiotherapy.

“It is a real tough time for the whole family and Macmillan has been absolutely fantastic, so I’m really keen to raise awareness of this condition and the help available.”

Rankin teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support to show the emotive stories behind head shaves, such as Jenny and Seren’s. He took some additional photos of Seren for the family to keep and the youngster even volunteered to lend a hand with the head shave.

Jenny, who is also mum to two-two-year-old Nia, added: “It was a good day for us as a family and Seren really enjoyed it.”

Macmillan fundraising manager, Lisa Shorter, said: “Jenny is one of the many people inspired to do Brave the Shave because of someone close to her.

“We know not everyone can run a marathon or climb a mountain, and Brave the Shave is another way to help the millions of people diagnosed with cancer each year, and we are so grateful to everyone who takes part.”

Rankin added: “This was an incredible project to work on and one very close to my heart.

“I know how hard it is to watch someone you love go through cancer from the side lines. It can make you feel totally helpless.

“Like Jenny, everyone who stood in front of my camera was there because someone they care about deeply has been impacted by cancer – and as a result, they have too. But their Brave the Shave means Macmillan Cancer Support can be there for millions more people affected by cancer and their families, and I am in awe of them for that.”

Jenny and her family can be supported at www.facebook.

Find out more about Brave the Shave at www.bravetheshave.org.uk